Ozark County Ancestors

Samuel J. Forrest and Marinda Lantz

Robert M. Forrest and Rachel Copelin

Elias S. Forrest and Lusana Copelin

Sarah A. Forrest and James W. Hale

David D. Forest and Mary E. Hoodenpyle and Martha Ingram Tabor

Malinda Forrest and John B. Herd Sr.

William Forrest and Mary Jane Dial

Nathanel Green Forrest and Matilda Barnett Vanmeter and Manerva J. Miller

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Malinda Forrest & John Brett Herd

Malinda Forrest was born March 15, 1839 in Ozark Co MO and died February 13,1907 in Isabella, Ozark Co.  She married James Brett Herd, the son of Marlin Herd and Ruth Briggs.

During the Civil War, John Brett Herd served in the Union Army with Company D, 16th Regiment, MO Volunteers.

After Malinda died, John married Martha Ingram Tabor Forrest, the former second wife of his brother-in-law David Forrest. This marriage which took place on November 23, 1908 in Ozark Co. was not successful and John deserted Martha in September 1909.

John died March 14, 1918 in Isabella, MO.

Malinda and James had thirteen children.



James M Herd 

John Herd was born August 1859 in AR.  He married Mattie E Reed

Morris Herd 


Morris Herd was born 1858.  He married Margaret Edmonds and moved to Oklahoma.

Samuel J Herd 

Samuel J Herd was born 1862 and died in infancy.


Andy J Herd 


Andy J Herd was born May 08, 1864 and died April 28, 1940 in Isabella, MO.  He's buried in Friend Cemetery in Isabella.  He married Hettie Riles.

Robert Herd 

Robert Herd was born March 29, 1866 and died March 20, 1933 in Isabella.  He  married Daisy Elliott.


Dave Dutcher Herd 

Dave D. Herd was born 1868 and married Louisa Moring McCullough.  Their children were:

  • Thomas Freeman Herd who married Eva Wattenbarger.  They had a son Paul Andrew Dutcher Herd (born  ca1921 in Crescent , OK; married Marilouise Campbell, February 9, 1920, Springfield, MO).


Thomas J Herd 

Thomas J Herd was born December 06, 1869 and died September 17, 1929 in Isabella, MO.  He married Rosa Bell.


Josephine Herd 

Josephine Herd was born 1873 and married Matt Lamberson.


John Herd

John Herd was born March 15, 1874.  His wife's name was Josie.

Francis B Herd 

Francis B Herd was born 1877.

Fred Okey Herd 

Fred Okey Herd was born January 04, 1879 in Isabella, MO.  He died March 28, 1965 in Tulsa,  OK and is buried in Tulsa's Memorial Park.  He married (1) Sarah Duggins on July 30, 1896 in Howell Co., MO and (2) Margaret Dorothy Compton on December 11, 1912 in Broken Arrow, OK.

His children with Sarah were:

  • MATTIE HERD born October 02, 1898; d. June 09, 1982, Sand Springs, OK; m. R. RODDEN.
  • HATTIE HERD, b. February 14, 1901; m. F. EASTER.
  • ALFRED HERD, b. August 09, 1909; d. June 06, 1981, Kansas City, MO; m. VERNIE/LEONA.
  • DAVE HERD, b. January 15, 1912; m. DORIS & IMOGENE.

His children with Dorothy were:
  • THELMA HERD, b. April 14, 1914, Tulsa, OK; m. L.C. MCGUIRE, November 09, 1929.
  • JOHN B HERD, b. May 18, 1916, Tulsa, OK; m. PHYLLIS BAEHLER, July 03, 1948.
  • ANDREW JACKSON HERD, b. December 22, 1918, Tulsa, OK; m. DORIS J. WRIGHT, June 14, 1947.
  • OPAL VIRGINIA HERD, b. April 14, 1922, Tulsa, OK; m. F.E. LOWER, March 10, 1938.
  • FRED OKEY HERD, b. September 05, 1924, Tulsa, OK; m. JOANN WINKLE, September 14, 1946.
  • MARY LOUISE HERD, b. August 27, 1930, Tulsa, OK; m. H.B. RABENALDT, January 14, 1950.

William C. Herd

William was born July 30, 1885 and died February 20, 1890.