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Sarah Forrest, the oldest of James and Freelove Forrest's two daughters, was born in 1836 in Ozark Co., MO, and died about 1865, probably in Ozark Co. She Married James Washington Hale (born February 22, 1832) circa 1855. This marriage was short-lived as Sarah and her two children show up on the 1860 Ozark Co. census living with her parents and on September 9, 1859 Sarah petitioned for divorce from James. This divorce was granted in August 1860. By 1870 Sarah has died and her two children are living with their Uncle David Forrest in Ozark Co.

One family story is that supposedly James Hale came to Illinois from Tennessee with his brothers. He then leaves Illinois and goes to Ozark Co. and homesteads "down the creek about 500 yards from the Baker Cemetery." This is where he meets Sarah.

James eventually returns to Illinois because that is where Sarah supposedly left him, in Shawneetown. Two years after his divorce, James married Martha Ginger, on August 26, 1862 in Pope Co., IL. James and Martha settle in Hardin Co, and have seven children: Henry Alvin, William Milas, Laura E, James Robert, John Walter, Julia Ann, and Thomas Jefferson.

James dies at the age of sixty-five of consumption on March 18, 1898.

Sometime between 1870-1875, Sarah's two children, Charles and Mary, leave Ozark Co. for Illinois where they live with their father. Both Charles and his sister marry in Hardin Co.

The children of Sarah Forrest and James Hale were Charles Eli Hale and Mary E. Hale.


Charles Eli Hale

Charles Hale was born October 9, 1856 in Ozark Co., MO and he married Mahala Ginger on December 30, 1875 in Hardin Co., IL. Charles leaves Illinois and returns to Ozark Co. in the 1880s. He then settles in Broken Arrow, OK where he dies on November 12, 1936. His obituary states that he and Mahala had thirteen children, nine children of whom were alive when he died. The obituary also lists four half-brothers surviving him and a sister Mrs. Mary Talbert of Illinois.

The children of Charles Hale and Mahala Ginger were:

  • Emma (Emmaretta) Hale born 1876, Hardin Co., IL, married Peter C Marsh.
  • James Franklin Hale born July 29, 1878, Hardin Co., IL, married Zella Watson.
  • Edward Hale born March 1880 MO
  • William Harvey Hale born 1880, Ozark Co., MO.
  • Linda (Malinda) Hale born 1886, Ozark Co., MO, married Elmer Baker.
  • Samuel Alexander Hale born 1889, Ozark Co., MO, married Stella Haskins.
  • Lela Hale born 1891, Ozark Co., MO, married Ross Hash.
  • Lucy Hale born 1895, Ozark Co., MO, married Coy Harper.
  • Oliver Mckinley Hale born September 14, 1896, Ozark Co., MO, married Nora Herd, 1915.
  • Hillis Hiram Hale born May 06, 1902, Lutie, Ozark Co., MO, died December 1979, married Martha Gertrude Mashburn.


Not much has been discovered about Mary E. Hale. We know she was born about 1858 in Ozark Co., MO and that she married John A. Wren November 14, 1875 in Hardin Co, IL and was a member of the Pleasant Hill Church. She and John Wren appear to have lived in the Karber's Ridge/Republican Ridge area of Hardin Co. Mary had one child with John Wren. John Wren died in May 1892. From her brother's 1936 obituary we know that she remarried a Mr. Talbert and was living in Illinois.

  • Unknown Child Wren died Oct 31 1879 from Hardin Gazette