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Samuel Forrest & Marinda Lantz
Samuel Junious Forrest, the eldest child of James and Freelove Forrest, who was described in his Civil War pension file as 6 feet tall, with light complexion, light hair, and blue eyes, was born October 17, 1830 in Boonville, Cooper Co., MO. While we're not sure how long the James Forrest family remained in Cooper Co. where Samuel was born, we do know that the family did a "little traveling" since son Robert was born in Saline Co., IL. in 1832 and son Eli was born in 1833 in Searcy Co., AR. By 1840, however, the Forrest family was fully ensconced in the area of Taney Co. that will become Ozark Co., where Samuel spent the majority of his life.

On August 15, 1850, at the age of nineteen, Sam married Marinda Lantz at the Ozark Co. home of her parents, Moses Lantz (1795-1873) and Jerusha Graham (1808-1893). Sam's witnesses were his brother, Robert M. Forrest, and his half-brother, Philander L. Snow. According to the custom of the time, a dinner was given by Samuel's parents the day after their marriage.

Marinda Lantz was born April 1, 1831 on the Little North Fork of the White River. Her father, Moses Lantz, like James Forrest, was a well-known Ozark County pioneer, who is mentioned several times in the wonderful fireside stories by Silas C. Turnbo.

Samuel made his first land purchase, on September 15, 1850, of 40 acres in Ozark Co. where he and Marinda established their home at Falling Spring and where their first four children were born. About 1859, the family moved to Gainesville, where six more children were born. Samuel Forrest appears on Ozark Co. censuses for the years of 1860, 1870 (Jasper Township), 1880 (Jasper Township), 1900, and also on the 1890 MO Veterans Census (Bridges Township).

Like his brothers, Samuel served during the Civil War on the Union side. On October 18, 1861, Samuel enrolled as a volunteer in Company F, Phelps Regiment, Missouri Volunteers, commanded by Captain George W. Evans. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. A neighbor's affidavit, which is a part of Sam's Civil War pension file, states that after enlisting, he returned home and recruited several men for the Union Army.

In "A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, VIII" (Frederick H. Dyer, c1908 , p.1340) we find the following about Samuel: "2nd Lt Phelps Co. Volunteers. Enlisted 1861 and mustered out 1862 due to illness. Volunteer Co. F, Phelps Regt MO Volunteers. Federal Army Phelps' Independent Regiment Infantry. Organized at Rolla, MO, September 22 to December 27, 1861. Served unattached, Army of Southwest Missouri, to February, 1862. 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, Army of Southwest Missouri, to May, 1862. Duty at Rolla, MO, till February, 1862. Curtis' Campaign against Price in Missouri and Arkansas February and March. Actions at Sugar Creek and Bentonville February 17. Battles of Pea Ridge, Ark., March 6-8. Mountain Grove March 9. Mustered out May 13, 1862. Two Officers and 23 Enlisted men killed and 3 Officers and 91 Enlisted men by disease. Total 119."

Sam's pension file also states that on Christmas Day 1861, Samuel was placed in charge of a wood-cutting detail and took the detail into the woods. He caught a chill that resulted in fever, afterwards developing a cough called "lung fever." The Army moved on to Lebanon, Missouri, where Sam suffered a relapse and was placed in the hospital. He was discharged at Springfield on May 12, 1862 after six months of duty.

According to George B. Forrest, Sam and Marinda's youngest child, sometime between 1880-1881, Sam headed west along with brothers Robert and Eli, and possibly brother David. For some reason, Sam and his family turned back at Boise, Idaho and returned home on the railroad.

Samuel, who spent his life as a farmer, died in Gainesville on September, 4, 1901, one month short of his seventy-first birthday. His cause of death is listed in his Civil War pension application as ulceration of the stomach and diseased respiratory organs. He died at the home of his son-in-law, Robert Q. Gilliland, Ozark County's Clerk.

The following is cited from an affidavit of Byas Hogard which is part of Sam's Civil War Pension file: "I was present at his bedside at the time of his death, and that I know of my personal knowledge that he died on the morning of the 4th day of September 1901 at about 2 o'clock a.m. of that day...I went to the store of Wood & Reed in Gainesville and purchased a suit of clothing to be used at the burial of his body. I also attended the burial of the body which took place at the Gainesville cemetery late in the evening of the same day."

His obituary in the Ozark Co. News (Gainesville, Mo, Sept 5, 1901) states: "Died at the residence of son-in-law Robert Q Gilliland, on Wednesday morning, September 4, at 1 o'clock a.m., Samuel J Forrest, after an illness extending over a period of more than two years. The immediate cause of his death was indigestion from which he had been a great sufferer. The remains were interred in the Gainesville Cemetery on Wednesday evening, funeral services being conducted by Rev. A.L. Simmons."

At the time of his death, Sam's personal property was assessed at: two neat cattle valued at , twelve hogs valued at , all other personal property valued at plus 44 acres of land valued at .

After Samuel's death, his widow Marinda applied for a widow's Civil War pension which she received until she died at the age of 86, on December 4, 1917 at the home her son, John P. Forrest, in Deepwater, Henry County where she is believed to be buried.

Marinda's obituary in the Ozark Co. Times (Dec. 28, 1917) is brief: "Theodosia News Item Column, Gainesville MO: We were sorry to hear of the death of Aunt Rinda Forrest."



Sam and Marinda's eldest child, Josephine, was born May 28, 1851. She married Robert Q. Gilliland on December 10, 1868. Robert Q. Gilliland, in addition to farmer, held several county offices, including County Clerk and Sheriff. He also served as a representative from Ozark Co. to the Missouri State Legislature in 1873.

Robert Gilliland was born October 22, 1845 in Ozark Co., the child of Robert Gilliland and Eliza Kane. He died November 12, 1921 in Gainesville; Josephine died in January 27, 1929. The children of Josephine and Robert Gilliland were:

  • John Houston Gilliland born in September 23, 1869 in Gainesville, MO, died March 4, 1943 in Kansas City, MO, married Mattie Jones. No children.
  • Samuel Harrison Gilliland born February 10, 1871 attended Bain's Business College in St. Louis. He lived in Blanchard OK where he worked in a bank and later lived in Springfield at the Missouri Hotel. He died December 6, 1953. Never married.
  • Cora Gilliland died September 22, 1875.
  • Edgar Quentin Gilliland born September 6, 1879 in Gainesville and died 1953 in Mountain Grove, MO.
  • Olena "Lena" Gilliland born March 26, 1875 and died July 17, 1947. After her father died, she lived with and took care of her widowed mother.
  • Charles Leroy Gilliland was born July 19, 1877 and died in 1951. He lived in Wayne Co., MO and was a bookkeeper for a lumber company. He also lived in Tulsa OK in 1905 and was a clerk in a hotel. He married Careful Sims and they had Rebecca Gilliland and Charles Gordon Gilliland (b. November 04, 1918, Dora, Ozark Co., MO, died January 22, 1971, Yellville, Marion Co., AR).
  • Edgar Quintan Gilliland was born September 06, 1879 in Gainesville, MO, and died 1953 in Mountain Grove, MO. He married Ethel Luna and their children were: Bernice Gilliland who married Violet Valentine; Ernest Gilliland; Bobby Gilliland; and Elaine Gilliland.
  • Byron Vaughn Gilliland was born February 19, 1882 in Gainesville, MO, and died August 28, 1955 in Springfield, MO. He married Leota Grace Ladue September 02, 1918 in Edwardsville, IL and they had the following children: Robert Stephen Gilliland (born October 15, 1919, Ft. Scott, KS, died June 20, 1995, Huntsville, TX); Richard Byron Gilliland (born May 17, 1921, Ft. Scott, Kansas, died November 28, 1993, Springfield, MO).
  • Robert Otis Gilliland was born September 08, 1884 in Gainesville, MO and died November 26, 1962 in Gainesville. Otis attended Business School in Springfield MO and worked in banking, insurance and real estate. He married Ara Pearl Luna August 17, 1915 in Gainesville, and they had the following children: Marie Josephine Gilliland (born June 27, 1916, married (1) Fred Archer (2) Edgar Worman); Dona Eloise Gilliland (born April 07, 1920); and Joe Dexter Gilliland (born March 23, 1927)
  • Lela Gilliland was born November 4, 1891 and died before 1990. She married Boliver Haskins. Their one known child is Eleanor Haskins, who married an Unknown Coffey.

Eli Stedman Forrest, possibly named after his uncle, was born July 19, 1853 in Falling Springs, Ozark Co., MO and died at the age of thirty-five on August 15, 1888 in Webster Co., MO. On January 13, 1876, he married Mary Jane Peace, a daughter of Pleasant Elgin Peace and Eliza Jane Garrison of Howell Co., MO. Eli's sister, Arilla Forrest, married Mary Jane Peace's brother, Arthur Henry Peace, circa 1881.

According to a grandson of Eli, Eli died from pneumonia. The grandson remembers his grandmother Mary Jane Peace Forrest saying that her husband Eli was a "rabid Republican."

After Eli died, Mary Jane Peace Forrest married John Wesley Karnes and moved to Berryville, Carroll Co., AR. Eli's grandson also stated that "Grandpa Karnes was a good friend of Grandpa Forrest and wanted Grandma to marry John Karnes."

Mary Jane and John Karnes lived the remainder of their lives in Berryville where they raised a large family. Mary Jane died September 5, 1945 in Berryville and is buried in the IOFF cemetery (See Peace Family History for more information).

The children of ELI Forrest and MARY Peace were:

  • Eddie Forrest born 1880, died circa 1881.
  • Addie Marinda (Mabel) Forrest was born January 01, 1879, in West Plains, Howell Co., MO and died September 14, 1961 in McKenna Pierce Co., WA and is buried in Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery, Bremerton, Kitsap Co., WA. At some point in her life, Addie changed her name to Mabel. Addie married Lucius Milo Fluent January 27, 1897 in Berryville, Carroll Co., AR. Lucius, born 24 December 1886 in Iowa, was a son of George Frazier Fluent and Lois B. Hotchkiss. Around 1905, Lucius and Addie moved to Spokane, WA. and then to Keller, WA, but by 1914 Marinda and her children have moved back to Berryville where Addie divorced Lucius December 16, 1917. Addie's second husband was Oscar Wolfe whom she married January, 29, 1929. This marriage also ended in divorce. Addie's children were: Earl Forrest Fluent (born June 2, 1904) and Lois Blanche Fluent (born November 11, 1897).

Elizabeth Forrest was born February 17, 1855 and married James Haskins August 30, 1874 in Ozark Co. Elizabeth died November 7, 1941 and is buried in the Lutie Cemetery in Theodosia as is her husband James. The children of Elizabeth Forrest and James Haskins were:

  • Maud M . Haskins born 1875, died as a child and is buried in the Old Haskins Cemetery.
  • York S Haskins born August 1877.
  • Laurence Haskins born December 20, 1879, died 8 Jan 1904
  • Ethel Haskins born July 1886.
  • Benjamin Haskins born March 1890 (never married)
  • Opal Haskins
  • Jack Haskins born December 1883 (never married)

Arilla Forrest was born December 27, 1858 in Isabella, Ozark Co. She married Arthur Henry Peace, a son of Pleasant Elgin Peace and Eliza Jane Garrison Walton. By 1907, Arilla was widowed and living in Myrtle, MO. She died at the age of 91 on 21 Feb 1950 in West Plains, Howell Co. and is buried in the Myrtle Cemetery. [See Peace family history (under construction) for more information.] The children of Arilla and Henry Peace were:

  • Walter Peace born March 21, 1879
  • Minnie Peace born January 1882.
  • Otis Elmer Peace born March 21, 1883.
  • Lewis Warren Peace born April 29, 1885.
  • Arthur Peace born November 1887.
  • Stanley Peace born May 16, 1892.
  • Lura Peace born August 14, 1893.
  • Owen Peace born December 10, 1896.
  • Golda Peace born October 02, 1901.

John P. Forrest was born June 3, 1860 in Gainesville, Ozark Co. Not much is known about John except that he married Sarah E. Roberts after 1900. In 1900, John is living as a single man with his parents Sam and Marinda in Ozark Co. and in 1917 he is living in Deepwater, Henry County, MO. An undated photo of John P. Forrest sent to his niece Marinda Forrest of Berryville, AR indicates that John at some point either lived in or visited Oakland, CA. The photo was probably sent around the turn of the century.

John died at the age of seventy-five on July 18, 1935 in St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO where he had lived for a number of years. He is listed in the 1933 St. Joseph City Directory. At the time of his death, he was working as a laborer in the Steam Heat Department of the Saint Railway Company in St. Joseph. The Saint Railway was the St. Joseph Railway owned by the Power and Light Co. which at the time ran street cars. Both John and Sarah are buried in Ashland Cemetery, St. Joseph, MO.

Sarah, born 1863, outlived her husband by about a year, dying April 28, 1936. Prior to her death, Sarah was declared insane when a Margaret Holding informed the Buchanan County Court in August 1935 that Sarah E Forrest "is possessed of property and is a person who is incompetent and incapable of managing her own affairs." Also in August of 1935, William Holding was made Sarah's guardian. At that time, the inventory of the estate of John P. Forrest contained no real estate but did include a $1,000 life insurance policy from Etna Insurance Co.

John and Sarah had no children.


James D. Forrest was born on Christmas Day 1863. He married Eva "Evelyn" Noe Harris February 26, 1887 in Ozark Co., MO. Eva was born in Yellville, Marion Co., AR, the fifth child of Andrew Jackson Noe and Jane Hathaway Myers. Eva was first married to George Harris.

In 1900, at age thirty-seven, James is a widower and he and his four young daughters are living with his parents, Sam and Marinda, in Ozark Co. along with James' older brother, John. In 1907, James is living in Deepwater, Henry Co., MO where his older brother John was also living. James probably died before 1910. All four children of James and Eva lived short lives and do not have any descendants.

  • Effie Forrest born November 1888, died about 1909.
  • Essie Forrest born February 13, 1892, died about 1930-1936. Essie, age 27 appears on the 1920 Buchanan Co., MO Census living in St. Joseph. She is enumerated with William Curtis, 1016 Dewey Avenue, and is employed as a housekeeper.
  • Edna Forrest, born 1896, died 1909-1911.
  • Mary Forrest born 1889, died about 1913.

Little is known about Mary Ella. We know she was born April 15, 1866, married Lewis Evans in 1889 in Oakland, MO, and died January 26, 1905. She may have had a son John.


Malissa Forrest was born September 28, 1868 in Ozark Co., MO, and died April 1929. She married Noah Morgan Hawkins September 25, 1892 in Rockbridge, Ozark Co., MO. Noah Morgan Hawkins (born 23 July 1864, died 27 July 1932) was a son of Alman Guinn and Mary Ann Cox Hawkins. The children of Malissa Forrest and Noah Hawkins were:

  • Infant Hawkins born 1893.
  • Alman Junious Hawkins born May 20, 1894, died December 1975, Odessa, Ector Co., TX., married Lou Elma Sisk
  • Sophronia Josephine Hawkins born 1895. Children are: Zelda, Everett, Ralph, Marvin, Clyde Eunice, Joel, Aaron and Margaret.
  • Ruth Hawkins born 1898.
  • John Calbert Hawkins born 1901. He married Lucille Harmon.  They had two children.  1. Virginia, born 1918 who married Earl Sherron.  They had one son, Earl Lawrence. 2. John Calbert Jr "J.C.", born 1923, who married Frances Virginia Simmermacher in 1946.  They had a daughter, born 1948, who is still living and a son, John Calbert III, born 1953 and died in 2006.  J.C. died in 1983 and Frances in 1985. Contributed by John Calbert Hawkins granddaughter.  Contact information
  • Artie June Hawkins born 1902.
  • Herbert Hadley Hawkins born 1908.
  • June Hawkins married Elbert Wiggs, in Sapulpa, OK in 1920.


Marinda was born August 2, 1857 and died at a few months of age on November 6, 1857.


George Burr Forrest, the youngest child of Sam and Marinda, was born January 13, 1871 and was married twice. His first wife was Drucilla Mariah Lucinda Stone, whom he married May 3, 1891 in Marion Co., AR. Drucilla, born January 27, 1874 in Marion Co., AR, was a daughter of George Washington Stone and Marinda Jane Elizabeth Porter. Continuing some of the tangled familial relationships, George Washington Stone's second wife was Lusana Forrest, daughter of Robert M. Forrest and George B. Forrest's cousin. Drucilla died July 31, 1943 in Alton, MO where she is buried.

George's second wife was Ola Williams, who had been his first wife's nurse. George and Ola had no children. George died May 5, 1960 in West Plains and is buried in Myrtle.

George B. Forrest was a country doctor. A newspaper article dated July 1, 1926 tells of a "Tapeworm, 80 feet long, Removed From Local Man by Local Doctor--What is likely to be one of the most interesting cases of a tapeworm, is that of a local case where Doctor G.B. Forrest is successful in extracting from a local resident one of the pesky creatures more than 80 feet in preserved in alcohol at the office of Dr. Forrest."

Another article in the West Plains Daily Quill, recounts how Dr. George Burr Forrest often would be paid in potatoes, country cured hams, turnips, molasses, honey and hay for his horse and sometimes would come home with a big hen or turkey tied to his saddle.

George and Drucilla had eight children; only four lived to adulthood.

  • Dorothy Marinda Forrest born February 14, 1892, died December 1974, married Joseph Caldwell, 1910.
  • Bessie Ellen Forrest born March 30, 1895, married Thomas Underwood, 1912, died March 1987 in West Plains, Howell Co., MO.
  • Goldie Sivley Forrest, born September 19, 1897, died May 24, 1911, Myrtle, Oregon Co., MO.
  • Samuel Washington Forrest born September 07, 1900 in Oakland, AR, died at the age of twenty-six on July 18, 1927 in a mining accident in Commerce, OK. He married Esther May Asher, May 31, 1923. Had one child, Charles Burr Forest.
  • Mary Elizabeth Forrest was born April 13, 1903 in Gassville, Baxter Co., AR. She died Oct 13, 1972. She married Willie Holt November 18, 1921 and had two children: Anzel Holt (16 Sep 1922-6 Mar 1990) and Zelda Garnett Holt (married a Craig). After her divorce, Mary Elizabeth Forest Holt married William Botts, April 25, 1929.
  • Drucilla Ethel Hazel Forrest born November 19, 1905, died October 03, 1909, Myrtle, Oregon Co., MO.
  • George Keith Forrest born September 22, 1909, died October 06, 1909, Myrtle, Oregon Co., MO.
  • Bedford Stone Forrest born March 01, 1913, died June 29, 1914, Myrtle, Oregon Co., MO.